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450px-DuelAcademyIslandMap-GX1 Become the duelists of your dreams, Yu-Gi-Oh Fans! This RPG wiki on Yu-Gi-Oh is a RPG wiki not quite like any other! Jump in with your own character, battle with your monsters, taste the bitter tang of loss and the sweet taste of victory...we have made sure we put in every last detail to make it perfect...

About Us!


We are an epically awesome wiki that strive for one thing; our users' satisfaction. The way you can help us achieve this goal is by roleplaying your very own duelist! Don't leave and ignore this wiki altogether,or you will truly regret it. You will be having great fun here with our enthusiastic, active users and the admins are here to help you if you need them. All of our admins are very kind and helpful;they are not the creepy teacher-people you imagine them to be...don't be scared to tell them if you have a problem. If you need help with talk bubbles etc. ask Lilly Lovegood(2) If you need to be sorted into your dorm ask her as well.

Getting Started!

WIP this place. WIP If you need any help check our Getting Started Guide that tends to all your needs.


&nbsp Go here to find out where to start. Ask Ivy Snape or Lilly Lovegood(2) if you are still stuck after reading this particular page.

A Message from our Founder!


Administration Team

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Favecards Love Yu-Gi-Oh! cards? then Yu-Gi-Oh! Favorite Cards is the place to go!

If you wish to affiliate with us contact Ivy Snape. Thank You!!


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